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General Shanghai Links

  • City Weekend: China-based biweekly English magazine, featuring the fairest Shanghai coverage of its genre (English only)
  • Shanghai Star: Bi-weekly Shanghai English paper, government run, but a branch of China Daily, thus under the national censors (more lenient than Shanghai's) and thus with more daring coverage, particularly of social problems in China. (English only)
  • Shanghai Daily: The city government's daily English Paper, useful for news but very propagandistic. (English only)
  • CocaArt古柯艺术: Event listings and extensive archives of photos and videos of Shanghai art, rock, and performing arts, by photographer Coca Dai; VCDs and CDs of many underground bands are for sale there; also check out photograph archive at ImagineShanghai (Chinese, a bit of English)
  • JazzMore: Website and BBS dedicated to Jazz in Shanghai. (Chinese only)
  • ChinaNow: No longer updated, but still a great compendium of Shanghai articles and listings. Granted, I used to edit it, so I'm rather biased. (English and Chinese)
  • Running Dog: Quality news from China An irreverant, well-informed collection of news and commentary by an anonymous group of foreign correspondents.
  • Smart Shanghai: Shanghai nightlife site focusing on the club scene, with good events listings.
  • Shanghai-ed: Shanghai's oldest English website, still going strong. Has good classifieds, interesting message boards, and an assortment of random content. (English only)
  • Shanghai Guide: Another Shanghai site that's been around in various forms for a long, long time. Long-term expatriate perspective, with lots of nightlife info and in-jokes. Also boasts a pretty active forum.(English only)
  • ShanghaiExpat: As the name would imply, Shanghai information for the very recently arrived. However, the message boards/classifieds are very active, and the links are impressively exhaustive. (English only)
  • ExpatShanghai: Another site for the FotBs, but meriting use for its A-Z directory. Apparently no longer updated. (English only)
  • Shanghai Soup: An eclectic and cute site, with extensive links and a focus on food and the fabulous Zhou Xuan. (English only)
  • Document China: Independent photo agency owned by two of the leading photojournalists in China. (English only)
  • ChinaPic: Has some nice shots of Shanghai's lanes. (English only)

    Chinese Alternative Music 中国另类音乐

    About Shanghai Rock 关于上海摇滚:
  • RockSelf: A sight devoted to rock music and Shanghai rock, most useful for its regularly updated concert schedule (Chinese only 全中文)
  • Yuyintang: New site by a former musician with Shanghai concert schedules. (Chinese only)
  • To Rock: Exhaustive Chinese-language site detailing all things rock'n'roll in Hangzhou, including performance schedules at the great rock dive 31.
    Shanghai Music Venues 上海演出的地方:
  • SUS2 Music Factory (Gua'er): Great underground performing space near Fudan featuring both big and up-and-coming Shanghai bands(Chinese only 全中文)
  • Xintiandi Ark: Shanghai's biggest live house, with regular concerts by bands from all over China and all over the world; most weeknights young Shanghai bands cut their milk teeth on-stage (Chinese, English, Japanese 中文英文日文)

    Shanghai Bands 上海的乐队:
  • Fanyin Music: Shanghai's only independent record label, founded in 2001; they represent some of Shanghai's best rockers, including the Honeys and Yao, and the site contains background, photos galore, and song downloads (Chinese only 全中文)
  • Crystal Butterfly Official Site: Webpage of Shanghai's best-known band, Crystal Butterfly, with background materials, lyrics, photos, videos, and songs, plus the Crystal Butterfly BBS 水晶蝶的神秘旅行 and their site at New Bees Records. (Chinese Only)
  • Cold Fairyland: A promising up-and-coming Shanghai band in the etherial pop-rock genre whose debut demo has received both significant distribution and critical acclaim (Chinese only 中文)
  • Midnight Bus: Pop-rock band signed with Fanyin music, album coming out mid-2003 (Chinese only 中文)
  • Xi'er: A pretty well-known Shanghai band that I'm not too well acquainted with, and a music store by the same name (Chinese only 中文)

    Beijing Rock:
  • Modern Sky: Beijing's hippest and oldest existing independent label, formed in 1997 by Sober vocalist Shen Lihui. Has now branched into books, concert promotions, and animation. (Chinese, some English)
  • New Bees Music: Small Beijing pop rock label representing teenage pop-punk sensation The Flowers, Shanghai's own Crystal Butterfly, and Not Fish. (Chinese, some English)
  • Scream Records: Alternative music label under the auspices of the state-owned Jingwen Records, producing mostly metal and punk music. (Chinese, some bafflingly bad English)
  • Cui Jian: Official site of Cui Jian, the folksy yet enduring "Godfather of Chinese Rock". (Chinese and English)
  • Wild Children: Official site of Wild Children, a great folk-rock group based in Beijing. (Chinese and English)
  • Zi Yue: Funky rock group, from Tianjin based in Beijing. (Chinese and English)
  • Pulay Talent Company: Representing Beijing rock acts (Chinese), formed by Matthew Clark (English).

    Performing Arts

  • The Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center 上海话剧艺术中心: The only professional modern theater group in Shanghai, with a very interesting and active line-up; webpage has performance schedules as well as information on their staff and background of the theater (mostly Chinese, some English 中文,一点英文)
  • Shanghai Kunju Troupe: The oldest form of traditional Chinese opera, now preserved at Shanghai's troupe on Shaoxing Lu.(Chinese and English)

    Chinese Contemporary Art 中国现代美术

  • Shanghai Art Museum 上海美术馆: Shanghai's premiere official arts space, located in the old Shanghai Pony Club; hosts the Shanghai Biennale and other exhibitions featuring both Chinese and international modern art (Chinese only)
  • ShanghArt: The oldest and still most influencial modern art gallery in Shanghai; the site has compiled extensive biographies of, literature on, and images of works by its artists, who include almost all significant artists in Shanghai(mostly English, some Chinese)
  • BizArt: Major art organization in Shanghai; seeks to promote exchange between Chinese and international art (mostly English, some Chinese)
  • Art World: Shanghai-based magazine devoted to modern art, mostly Chinese but world trends as well; also has some coverage of other aspects of the avant-garde (Chinese only)
  • Room with a View: Gallery and Bar owned by art critic Wu Liang, and a favorite gathering spot for the slightly older generation of modern artists in Shanghai. (English/Chinese)
  • DDM Warehouse: Cutting edge warehouse gallery in Shanghai's Yangpu District (English/Chinese)
  • Aura Gallery: Nice space, varied art upstairs from DDM (English/Chinese)
  • Art Scene China: New Shanghai location of the previously Hong Kong gallery, focusing on up-and-coming contemporary Chinese art, with a great space on Fuxing Lu. (English/Chinese)
  • Liu Haisu Art Museum: Major state-run exhibition space, featuring both modern and traditional art, in Shanghai's Hongqiao District (Chinese only)

  • THE Chinese Art site, run by Robert Bernell, extensive and authoritative, with sections devoted to Contemporary and Traditional Chinese Art(English)
  • Britta Erickson's Bibliography: Extensive bibliography on Contemporary Chinese Art and Artists compiled by one of the field's leading critics (English)
  • Asia Art Archive: Major Gallery in Hong Kong (English)

  • Xu Bing: An artist who should need no introduction, does beautiful installation work using Chinese characters and calligraphy to toy with concepts of language and meaning. (English and Chinese 中文和英文)
  • Cai Guo-qiang: The great fireworks artist, although his webpage is more into Feng Shui (English only)
  • Zhang Hongtu 张宏图: Artist known for his entertaining pop-art Mao depictions (English only)

    Shanghai Literature

  • Han Han Fan Page: Collected commentary (by and on) and criticism (by and of) Shanghai's literary enfant terrible, Han Han (Chinese)
  • MianMian: Official site of Shanghai's scribe of the seedier side (Chinese/English)

    Chinese Cinema

  • Shanghai Film Studio: Shanghai's main state-sponsored film group (Chinese only)
  • Paradise Film and TV: Shanghai's other film and TV group.(Chinese only)
  • Shanghai Film Art Center: One of Shanghai's biggest movie theaters.(Chinese only)

    Shanghai History

  • ShanghaiNight: A wealth of Old Shanghai pictures and facts, with BBS. (Chinese only)
  • Tales of Old China: Fun collection of recent Chinese historical goodies, with focus on Shanghai, by SinoMedia. (English only)
  • Shanghai Jewish Memorial: Project to rescue and preserve Shanghai's old Jewish grave stones, launched by Dvir Bar-Gal. (English only)

    Shanghai Consulates and Organizations

    Community Organizations:
  • Shanghai Foreign Correspondents Club: Official page of unofficial journalist organization, featuring events, information and networking.
  • Cornell Club of Shanghai (English/Chinese)

    Chambers of Commerce:
  • American Chamber of Commerce Shanghai (English only)
  • Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce Shanghai (English only)

  • Belgian Consulate General Shanghai (English/Chinese)
  • British Consualte General Shanghai (English/Chinese)
  • Canadian Consualte General Shanghai (English/Chinese/French)
  • Czech Consualte General Shanghai (English/Chinese/Czech)
  • French Consulate General Shanghai (French/Chinese)
  • Italian Consulate General Shanghai (English/Chinese/Italian)
  • Japanese Consulate General Shanghai (Japanese/Chinese)
  • Netherlands Consulate General Shanghai (Dutch/English/Chinese)
  • Peru Consulate General Shanghai (English/Chinese)
  • Philippines Consulate General Shanghai (English/Chinese)
  • Thai Consulate General Shanghai (Thai/English/Chinese)
  • Sweden Consulate General Shanghai (English/Chinese/Swedish)
  • Switzerland in China (English/Chinese)
  • Turkish Consulate General Shanghai (English)
  • United States Consulate General Shanghai (English/Chinese)

    Shanghai Commerce

  • WALL: Hip little boutique selling photographs, posters, and art, and also stocks albums by Shanghai bands and undergroung music magazines. (English/Chinese)
  • Montrose Wine: Wine importers and distributors. (English/Chinese)
  • PG Studio: A very successful graphic design studio on Taikang Lu, founded by Parson Ge. (English/Chinese)
  • Annabel Lee: Gorgeous, if pricy Chinoiserie clothing and accessories. (English only)
  • Y+ Yoga Studio: Shanghai's first yoga studio, an extension of Bikram Shanghai. (English only)

    Shanghai Venues

  • Judy's Group: Runs Judy's Too, one of Shanghai's oldest and most infamous bars, as well as Pegasus Club, Irene's Thai, and Taco Popo.
  • Face: A sumptuous old villa contains the elegantly outfitted Face Bar, Lan Na Thai, and Hazara Indian restaurant. (English/Chinese)
  • Red: Another pretty bar in a pretty old villa, this one tucked away on Anfu Lu.
  • Regal Shanghai East Asia Hotel: A four-star hotel located in the Shanghai Stadium. (English/Chinese)
    Please note: I've only just started compiling this listing, if you'd like to be added please email me.

    Journalism and Writing

  • Shanghai Foreign Correspondents Club: Official page of unofficial journalist organization, featuring events, information and networking.
  • Foreign Correspondents Club Hong Kong: One of Asia's biggest FCC's, boasting a lovely clubhouse on the Strand and a very large membership.
  • Crystyl Mo's Page: Another Shanghai based freelance journalist and editor covering the arts.
  • John Gittings, writer on China and world affairs: Archive of works by one of Shanghai's best former foreign correspondents.


  • June and September: An arty website by former Shanghailander Luce.
  • An-lon Chen is a DC-based policy wonk and aspiring animator.
  • Johanna Klein: Sloan student, world-bopper and all-out babe.
  • Jammind: The online studio of talented graphic designer, artist, and musician Zhang Jianming. (Chinese/English)
  • Crystyl Mo's Page: Another Shanghai based freelance journalist and editor. (English)
  • Chula's LiveJournal: Live Journal of Erin White, previously of Shanghai and currently of San Diego (English)
  • F. Edward Boas: Home page of my high school friend, Ed Boas, currently a grad student at Stanford (English)


  • Brown University
  • Shanghai Foreign Correspondents Club