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Liu Ye, Angel's House Christie’s first auction in mainland China nets $27.5m: Sale comes ahead of talk of launching a free trade zone in Shanghai. The Art Newspaper, 27 September 2013

Zhu Jinshi, Green-and-Yellow, 2010 Independent art space takes over historic Shanghai bank: One of the few original pre-war bank buildings in the city now hosts Mabsociety curatorial workshop's exhibitions. The Art Newspaper, 27 September 2013

Exterior of the Shanghai Film Museum Shanghai Film Museum rolls out the red carpet: Newly opened space celebrates Chinese cinematic history. The Art Newspaper, 12 September 2013

Sun Xun, image courtesy Thomas Fuesser 'Short Cuts' Pity the poor privileged 'After 80s' artists: China's rising generation of only children struggles with the idea of artistic collaboration--and the burden of their parents' expectations. The Art Newspaper, 25 May 2013

MadeIn Company, photographed by Thomas Fuesser Up close and personal: the stars of Chinese art: Why the biggest names on the contemporary Chinese scene were happy to reveal themselves to Thomas Fuesser The Art Newspaper, 22 May 2013

Art museums abound around China Build first and find the art to fill them later: China’s public museums have grown by 1,000%—leaving their collections and staff development lagging behind. The Art Newspaper, 22 May 2013

Shanghai Biennale 2012, Philadelphia Pavillion Shanghai Biennial breaks the speed limit: China’s imminent Politburo change and a vast new venue were just two of the challenges facing the organisers. The Art Newspaper, November 2012

Shanghai's Power Station of Art Two huge state-run museums open in Shanghai: Expo 2010 buildings become China Art Palace and Power Station of Art. The Art Newspaper, October 2012

Shanghai Biennale 2012, Philadelphia Pavillion Shanghai Biennial breaks the speed limit: China’s imminent Politburo change and a vast new venue were just two of the challenges facing the organisers. The Art Newspaper, November 2012

Mr Li and the 1st Ferrari in Chinese history in front of Tian An Men Square A man called Mr Ferrari: Back in 1992, Li Xiaohua was the first man in China to buy a Ferrari. A potent symbol of success, Li quickly became associated with the vivid, magical, red of the Prancing Horse. So much so, that people soon dubbed him “Mr Ferrari”. His global fame saw a succession of visiting dignitaries, including American Presidents Bush (father and son) and Clinton, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Russian leader Vladimir Putin, all signing his 348 TS. Ferrari Magazine, May 2012

Chinese artist Zhang Huan in his studio with a Ferrari California and his panda sculpture; photo James Wasserman Free spirit: Dubbed the ‘Chinese Andy Warhol’, Zhang Huan is one of the world’s most intriguing artists. In this exclusive interview, he draws parallels between the contemporary art world and the ‘design exquisiteness’ of the prancing horse. Ferrari Magazine, December 2011

Shanghai's Rockbund Art Museum Vanity, vanity: the problems facing China’s private museums: Spaces bloom and then wither as founders’ commitment quickly fades The Art Newspaper, November 2011

Fashion Kingdom: The Chinese repressed personal style during the Mao Years. Now they’re ready to express themselves with élan. Newsweek, 3 April 2011

Qiu Zhijie Shanghai Biennale 2010: Just over 10 years ago, the Shanghai Biennale put that city on the global contemporary art map. Since 2000, guest curator Hou Hanru's eclectic international mix, to say nothing of the now legendary independent shows that surrounded it, has never been surpassed in critical impact. But the current edition,which opened Oct. 23, is the most cohesive since 2004. Art in America, February 2011

Han Han's Party Is Just Getting Started: The blogger is a rapidly moving target who is clever enough to outmaneuver the system.. The Wall Street Journal, 5 January 2011

Ai Weiwei's Shanghai Studio Censorship in China is frequently determined by who one is rather than what one does. “Ai Weiwei could do finger painting and still get into trouble,” quipped Rebecca Catching, curator of Shanghai’s OV (Oriental Vista) Gallery, referring to the Beijing-based provocateur. In unrelated incidents in November, Ai and the gallery each found themselves under the microscope (a familiar place for Ai). Art in America, January 2011

Are Chinese Women Too Picky?: Finding a mate is a complicated business proposition. The Wall Street Journal, 8 September 2010

Shuijingdie Crystal Butterfly: One of the founders of Shanghai rock emerges from its cocoon. That's Shanghai, August 2010

The Pailou at the Tushanwan Museum Getting Jesuitical in Shanghai: The city government turns a 19th century orphanage into a museum. The Wall Street Journal, 16 July 2010

Best of the West Heads East: A preview of the Art HK fair. Art+Auction, May 2010

Shanghai Expo Snub: Local residents are disillusioned with the city's big event due to cultural exclusion and censorship. The Wall Street Journal, 13 May 2010

World Expo 2010 Opens in Shanghai: The wait is over: the World Expo 2010 opened last weekend, starting with a gala performance and fireworks on Friday evening, followed by the Expo site’s opening on May 1. ArtInfo, 2 May 2010

City makeover for the Expo: Shanghai has gone green in the lead up to the opening of the World Expo today. Not in the environmental sense, although urban sustainability is a lynchpin of the Expo slogan “Better City, Better Life”. Rather, topping off a year of ambitious demolition, construction and renovation there is now a frenzy of flower planting. Monocle, 1 May 2010

上海民生现代美术馆开馆,首展回顾当代中国绘画三十年历程: 周铁海副馆长与ARTINFO谈新开馆的民生现代美术馆的情况. ArtInfo, 25 April 2010

上海世博会举办"世界的艺术"项目: 重要艺术家们的20件雕塑作品装点着 "世博轴". ArtInfo, 25 April 2010

CK时装秀星光熠熠: Calvin Klein在上海的大型派对上展示其秋装系列. ArtInfo, 23 April 2010

Lisa Movius and Steven Weathers Over-Exposed: The excited LED gleams of countdown clocks in public spaces around Shanghai parallel mental tickers in the minds of many of Shanghai’s foreign residents. The latter variety anticipates a later date: when it will all be over. Months before it started, many in our fair city have developed Expo fatigue—even the most enthusiastic Expo boosters have grown weary of psychedelic Haibaos insistently smiling at us with creepy ubiquity. City Weekend, 21 January - 3 February 2010

Lisa Movius and Steven Weathers Shanghai Soul: Exploring Shanghainese Culture (sanghei venho), from the language to the arts. City Weekend, 6 January 2010

A look from Chanel's Pre-Fall 2010 collection. Karl Lagerfeld talks Shanghai and Fashion: To much of the world outside of China, Shanghai is more an idea and a fantasy than an actual physical city with its 20 million souls. In Chanel's Paris-Shanghai Métiers d'Art Collection and an accompanying film that made its debut in Shanghai Thursday night, Karl Lagerfeld explores exclusively and unapologetically the imagined and the exotic."It is about the idea of China, not the reality," Lagerfeld told WWD on his first trip to Shanghai. "It has the spirit of, and is inspired by, but is unrelated to China." Women's Wear Daily, 4 December 2009

Xu Zhen, 'Like Real', 2009 Middle East Controversy - Made in China: As art becomes a more global system, so too does censorship - sometimes bizarrely, complicatedly so. In early September the Chinese Ministry of Culture ordered that several works in "Seeing One's Own Eyes," a show of works ostensibly by Middle Eastern artists at Shanghai's ShanghArt Gallery be removed or altered prior to the Sept. 6 opening in response to complaints from the local Israeli consulate. Art in America, November 2009

The window display of Chanel's new Shanghai boutique. Chanel's Shanghai Boutique Opens: The boutique that Chanel is heralding as its most elegant, refined and sumptuous opens today in Shanghai. Designed by Peter Marino, the more than 5,160-square-foot store is in the Peninsula Shanghai Hotel — the first new building on the city’s historic Bund waterfront in more than 60 years. Women's Wear Daily, 25 November 2009

Old waterfronts in historic downtown Shaoxing. China's Textile City Grows in Stature: In the 20 years since Keqiao Town in Shaoxing County was designated China Textile City, tax breaks and political support have helped boost its development as the main textile hub in the world’s largest fabric-producing country. However, its standing remains under the radar, especially to the West. Women's Wear Daily, 24 November 2009

A buyer at the Keqiao Textile Fair. China's Keqiao Fair Shows Staying Power: The recent edition of the China Keqiao International Textile Expo might not have been a blockbuster, but it helped secure the city, known as China Textile City, as an important center of fabric production, particularly dyeing and printing. Women's Wear Daily, 10 November 2009

Model Du Juan at the opening of Fendi's Shanghai store. Fendi's Big Shanghai Move: Fendi chief executive officer Michael Burke wasn’t reluctant to show his enthusiasm for China during a visit here last week to open a new flagship in Shanghai. "Apart from staff problems it is easier to do business in China than in Italy because it is a country that values work, values speed, looks to the future and wants to progress," he said. "It is an exciting moment in China, when everything is possible." Women's Wear Daily, 4 November 2009

The Intertextile Fabric show drew more than 2,400 exhibitors and 53,000 visitors. In China, Intertextile Fabric Fair Rolls With the Times: China’s textile producers have mostly resigned themselves to lowered expectations, but some exhibitors at the Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics Fair said they were seeing glimmers of economic rallies in the U.S. and at home. Women's Wear Daily, 3 November 2009

State of Art: Chinese Contemporary Art Faces Down its Double Bubble Trouble. Shanghai Talk, September 2009

Crowds at the 2009 ACLE in Shanghai Improvement Seen at Shanghai Leather Show: Market conditions for Chinese and Asian leather producers are improving, but challenges persist, was the assessment of exhibitors at the 11th All China Leather Exhibition, which ended its three-day run Sept. 4 at the New International Expo Center here. Women's Wear Daily, 18 September 2009

Shanghai Tang's AW line shows in Shanghai Shanghai Tang Bullish on China: On the heels of taking over its Mainland China distribution after operating here for six years through a partner, Shanghai Tang is bullish about its prospects. “I think the crisis is very beneficial to China because the shuffle means China is becoming the second or third superpower — just imagine if China dropped the U.S. dollar,” explained executive director Raphael le Masne de Chermont. Women's Wear Daily, 2 September 2009

China's Textile Sector Squeezed: China’s economy might be growing faster than almost any other country’s, but the mood within the nation’s textile and apparel sector is decidedly somber. Last month, China said its economy grew 7.1 percent in the first half to 13.99 trillion yuan, or $2.06 trillion at current exchange rates. While most countries would celebrate such figures, for the Chinese government they represent a challenge. Women's Wear Daily, 4 August 2009

Ribbon cutting at Gucci's new Shanghai flagship Gucci's Shanghai Celebrations: Even as luxury faces a global slump, Gucci chief executive officer Patrizio di Marco maintains a cautious optimism toward China and the rest of Asia. “Overall, the luxury market’s growth is forecast at negative 8 to 9 percent into 2010, but Asia — and especially China — are forecast at plus 10 percent.” Women's Wear Daily, 9 June 2009

0093 Enter the Bunker of Sound: 0093 is more than just a practice space, it's the pulsing heart of Shanghai's music scene. That's Shanghai, April 2009

Momo Momo has the Momentum: This all-girl pop-punk band hopes to give Shanghai a shot in the arm. That's Shanghai, November 2008

Cold Fairyland singer Lin Di Gunning for Girrrl Power: Shanghai Rock's first lady Lin Di speaks out gender bias in the music scene. That's Shanghai, November 2008

art by Xiong Lijun Are Shanghai artists over-sexed?: Titillation, not transformation, could be ruining the city's art reputation. That's Shanghai, October 2008

Shanghai walking books Walk This Way: Two new walk books, 'Six More Shanghai Walks' and 'Walks in the Heart of the Former French Concession', offer companionship for urban ramblers. That's Shanghai, June 2008

Rockers at the Tribesman Urban Primates: Looking back on the Tribesman. That's Shanghai, May 2008

Ferragamo anniversary in Shanghai Ferragamo Celebrates 80th Anniversary in Shanghai: Craftmanship and heritage competed with glamour throughout the three days of events the Ferragamo brand held here to commemorate its 80th anniversary and display its growing business in the Far East. Women's Wear Daily, 1 April 2008

from China Design Now 'China Design Now' Offers Cultural Overview: In the lead up to and under the pretext of this summer's Beijing Olympic Games, China-themed events are proliferating around the globe. The largest is Britain's expansive, yearlong "China Now" series, a highlight of which is the "China Design Now" exhibition running now through July 13 at London's Victoria & Albert Museum. Women's Wear Daily, 1 April 2008

Shanghai Style The roots of style: Lynn Pan's "Shanghai Style": "I like looking at what makes Shanghai different. It is something I have been thinking about for decades," says writer and historian Lynn Pan 潘翎. Of course, Pan's done more than just think; she's parlayed her interest into a writing career spanning several decades and producing many books. that's Shanghai, March 2008

Huang Sihan Sihan's Ark: Musings of ShRock's Jiejie: Huang has been around a lot over the years, first as the music programming director at U-Like Music, Shanghai's first large live house venue, then in a similar position at Ark Live House for five years. Currently she's promoting music collaborations with guitar manufacturer, Gibson. Huang is one of the few female figures involved in Shanghai's overwhelmingly male scene. In addition to her work for Gibson, she long had the role of a spotlight-shy backstage mother hen, supporting and mentoring figures such as Yuyintang founder Zhang Haisheng 张海生. that's Shanghai, March 2007

from China Design Now Cosmoprof Focus: Mainland China Market: China's already substantial beauty market will continue to grow, and the country shows a marked preference for imported beauty products. However, establishing distribution networks beyond its large coastal cities continues to pose a challenge, according to the organizers of Cosmoprof Shanghai. The exhibition, which concluded its sophomore installment in mid-January, aims to provide a bridge between international beauty suppliers and distributors from China's many provinces. Women's Wear Daily, 1 February 2008

Zhong Chi Earth Songs - Zhong Chi's anthems of awareness: Zhong Chi's 钟茌 English-language Easy World 简单世界 is the first album to be released both by the young singer, and her record label, Soma Art. "Music itself is a language, and it isn't necessary to understand the lyrics. As long as the audience hears and likes it, it doesn't matter what language it's in." that's Shanghai, February 2008

Blue Garden The Melting Pot: Assimilation rules at one of Shanghai's best bars : In late November last year, members of the media and rock elite crowded into a dark bar on Taikang Lu for a press conference touting the release of veteran pop-rock band Blue Garden’s (蓝色花) first album. Those attending represented a cross section of who’s-who in the Shanghai rock scene, present to support one of their own but also to chill in a favorite hangout, the laid-back rock dive 288. that's Shanghai, January 2008

Zhou Zifeng Vintage Rock: Zhou Zifeng recalls the Shanghai sound's 1980s origins: Guitarist and producer Zhou Zifeng’s 周紫峰 eyes blur with emotion and nostalgia when recounting the early history of Chinese rock. “Back in the 1980s you were bad-ass if you had a Iaba xiang– an old cabinet transformed into a sound system, with speakers and a radio or tape player. Now, in Shanghainese, that term stands for that entire era when we had so little yet it meant so much.” that's Shanghai, December 2007

Lin Di at the Music Hall Sewing the Seeds of Rock: Cold Fairyland plays the Shanghai Music Hall: "The show was okay, but we’re already too old a band to be that excitable,” says Cold Fairyland’s 冷酷仙境 front woman Lin Di 林笛, with an all-too-modest laugh as she removes her long blonde wig in her dressing room after the band’s big gig at the Shanghai Concert Hall. In fact, it was one of the best shows Shanghai’s rock scene has seen. that's Shanghai, November 2007

Cleaning Up Their Act: For companies that produce and source goods outside the U.S., insuring eco-friendly production processes requires a lot of oversight. Women's Wear Daily, 30 October 2007

China's Golden Weeks Credited With Driving Consumption: Consumption is expanding in China, at least according to the retail figures from the recently concluded National Day holiday. Celebrating the founding of the People's Republic, the holiday period runs Oct. 1 to 8, and this year saw a climb of 16 percent year-on-year spending to nearly 350 billion yuan. Women's Wear Daily, 19 October 2007

Acting Out: The Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center (SDAC) stands out as the rare state institution that works within the system to produce quality, original and often edgy programming, while using its position and resources to nurture the emergence of an independent theater scene and to import cutting-edge theater from around the world. Asian Wall Street Journal, 19 October 2007

the cover of IGO's 'Synth Love' Record Rally: Debut disks from IGO and Blue Garden: September was a banner month for the Shanghai rock scene, with two mainstream album releases in a city where more than one a year is noteworthy. At least one of the releases – Synth Love, by electropop duo IGO, released on Beijing’s Modern Sky label – avoids being “cheesy”, a word often applied to the state of music in China by the group’s member, B6 (Lou Nanli 楼南立). that's Shanghai, October 2007

Liu Jianhua and 'Export Cargo' Talking Trash: Liu Jianhua, a sculptor who first caught the art world's attention in the mid 1990s with his headless figures in traditional Chinese dress skewering the West's exotic perceptions of China, has turned his attention to rubbish. His latest work, "Export-Cargo Transit" -- an installation composed of several individual works -- consists of plastic, paper and metal scrap imported into China from Western countries and Japan. Asian Wall Street Journal, 21 September 2007
This article has stirred up some discussion and controversy elsewhere. Bund Pictorial 外滩画报 critiqued it in 专访刘建华:分析“垃圾”艺术中的“政治经济学” ; Adam Minter at Shanghai Scrap weighed in, as did Mathieu Borysevicz in 'The Great Trash Debate'.

the gentlemen of Yuguo Fruit Loops: Yuguo takes wing: Xie Hui 谢晖, singer ofYuguo (Flying Fruit) 羽果 is scatting Sinatra. At Starbucks. It is not the first serenade of the interview. Words seem insufficient to convey the depth of his enthusiasm for music. “I like to listen to [Dutch jazz vocalist] Laura Fygi and Frank Sinatra,” says Xie. “I have a DVD of him where he is singing in a way which resembles speaking, and our songs are trying to recapture that sort of feel, but in Chinese and with a rock sensibility.” that's Shanghai, September 2007

Jiang Zhendong In Search of a Dream: 33 Island releases with Modern Sky: "I feel a band needs an album, and if it doesn’t then the time and spirit will pass away. That’s why we need to record and document [our music],” says Jiang Zhendong 姜真东, singer and guitarist with 33 Island 岛. “A lot of Shanghai’s most mature bands, like Godot and Lanting, didn’t do [real] albums, and so they petered out.” that's Shanghai, August 2007

Women on the Verge: Continuing stereotypes and taboos in China's changing economy. Ms. Magazine, Summer 2007

Shanghai stock market Stock Market Volatile Amid Torrid Chinese Economy: When Chinese greet each other, they usually politely inquire, "Have you eaten?" But in the past few months that has frequently morphed into, "Have you bought stocks today?" Now it has shifted to a downbeat, "Have you sold stocks today?" WWD, 20 July 2007

Han Feng's Shanghai outlet Han Feng Rediscovers Chinese Market: Han Feng is trying to disprove the Thomas Wolfe maxim that you can't go home again. The designer, who moved to New York in 1985 from her native Shanghai, has been visiting this city regularly for seven years and in 2006 began living here part-time. She's now exploring the challenge of reentering a Chinese market that has changed dramatically from the one she left. WWD, 10 July 2007

Wu Jianjing Bye-bye Birdie: As IGO rises from its ashes: "A lot of bands are like us. They have a limited lifespan and they record a demo mostly as a kind of souvenir,” shrugs Wu Jianjing 吴建京 in reference to Bird on a Wire’s 惊弓之鸟self-titled retrospective album. that's Shanghai, July 2007

Textile Forum Reveals Trade Tensions: "Technological textiles are seen as a panacea for all of our woes, but in fact they have limitations," remarked British Clothing Industry Association director general John Wilson at the Global Textile Economic Forum here. "Things like cell-phone gloves, solar panels and such will only affect a small few. They will not create wealth or jobs." WWD, 26 June 2007

The Honeys in LA Land of Milk and Honeys: Shanghai rockers head to the US: "I’m going guitar shopping!” Crystal Butterfly guitarist Wang Wenwei’s 汪文伟 grin was evident even over the phone as he enthused about his impending trip to Los Angeles to perform with The Honeys (Tianmi de Haizi 甜蜜的孩子) in their international debut at MusExpo on May 1. that's Shanghai, June 2007

Calvin Klein Moves Into Beijing: “People in China are very hungry for fashion. For men in particular, fashion is probably even a newer thing than it is for women,” Italo Zucchelli observed during his recent visit here. “For men, fashion means discovering a new dimension.” DNR, 25 May 2007

CK event in Japan Calvin Klein Opens Beijing Store: Calvin Klein Inc. is continuing its Far Eastern push. A group of executives — including Tom Murry, Calvin Klein's president and chief operating officer, and designers Francisco Costa and Italo Zucchelli — hit the Chinese capital and Tokyo to push the company's labels with a store opening here and fashion show in Japan. WWD, 24 May 2007

Joyce opening party at MoCA Shanghai Hong Kong's Joyce Sets Sights on the Mainland: Joyce's first Mainland China boutique opened with much glitz and fanfare here last month. "Our ‘2 days|2 cities|2 splendors' Hong Kong and Shanghai openings and event went extremely well and we couldn't have asked for a better result," said Adrienne Ma, company director and daughter of founder Joyce Ma. WWD, 21 May 2007

Groups on Tour Find a Gateway to China: From a trickle three years ago, the number of Western acts playing in mainland China has built to a substantial stream—and increasingly the conduit is Shanghai. Alongside its growing international reputation as China's most Westernized city, Shanghai's emergence as a stopover for international acts on the Asia-Pacific live circuit has been facilitated by an influx of Western concert promoters. Billboard, 5 May 2007

Duolun Museum Museum Roulette: As glitzy new facilities, both public and private, continue to emerge, Shanghai's existing art museums struggle with funding shortfalls and random censorship. Art in America, May 2007

SUS2 Bar SUS 2.3: The resurrection of Gua'er: In past incarnations, Shanghai rock institution SUS2/Gua’er 挂二˛ was a music factory, and subsequently a short-lived bar in Yangpu. It still lends its name to a chain of instrument stores. “I’ve gotten tired of selling instruments. It’s too cold and business-like; I might as well be selling clothing,” says Lao Jia. that's Shanghai, May 2007

Lu Chen Variety Act: The ever-changing face of Top Floor Circus: "We have always been the center of attention, but we have a lot of fans and a lot of songs, and we wanted to get them on stage singing instead of us,” explains Lu Chen 陆晨, front man of Top Floor Circus (aka Dingma) 顶楼马戏团. To that end, the band held a ‘contest’ entitled Top Floor Circus Forever OK, (a pun on Karaoke), wherein they invited their fans to perform their songs on stage, awarding the winners toilets. that's Shanghai, May 2007

At CK's 2006 event Going Local: The hows and whys of getting publicity for your brand in the People's Republic. DNR, 23 April 2007

H&M's new Shanghai store H&M Heads East With First Unit in Shanghai: Hennes & Mauritz has landed in China with a splash. A particularly bright, turquoise splash of images for the brand's new summery Kylie Minogue collection, which was promoted on thousands of billboards around this city leading up to the April 12 launch of the fast-fashion retailer's first store in Mainland China. WWD, 17 April 2007

Intertextile Beijing 2007 Local Market Fuels Intertextile Show: This is shaping up to be the year of the domestic market in China. The trend was highlighted by exhibitor reactions at the recent Intertextile Beijing Apparel Fabrics. At previous installments, Chinese vendors consistently expressed their frustration at the preponderance of domestic buyers, and a shortage of the foreign customers they had hoped to meet. This year, however, vendors expressed more satisfaction with the client mix, and some Chinese exhibitors said they attended with a focus on domestic buyers. WWD, 10 April 2007

Aquascutum show in Shanghai Aquascutum Styling in Shanghai: Aquascutum is updating its image in China. The British brand, which is reinventing itself under chief executive officer Kim Winsor, held a fashion event at Children's Palace here early in March to showcase its spring collection to an elite audience of local film and business figures. WWD, 6 April 2007

Zhang Haisheng outside Yuyintang A Home for the Underground: Zhang Haisheng and the history of Yuyintang: "Shanghai needs rock because this city needs feeling and originality. It needs more free artistic development, not criticism and denial.” remarks Zhang Haisheng 张海生, co-director of Yuyintang. “Shanghai is not just skyscrapers and stocks.” that's Shanghai, April 2007

Fans at the 2006 Midi Festival School of Rock: Though China's rock scene remains small and struggling, it explodes defiantly every spring for the Midi Festival, the country's biggest alternative music event. WWD Scoop, March 2007

Deco grates around Shanghai Deke Erh and Tess Johnston’s Art Deco Shanghai: For all the justifiable laments about Shanghai’s rapidly-vanishing architectural heritage, it remains a paradise for retro junkies, particularly those with an affection for the streamlined stylistics of Art Deco. “Shanghai actually still has one of the largest concentrations of Art Deco architecture in the world,” explains Deke Erh, photographer and co-author of Art Deco Shanghai. that's Shanghai, February 2007

Coca Dai Declaration of independence: Photojournalist Coca Dai shoots from the hip: "I didn’t want to be just another corporate tool, plodding to the office everyday,” recalls rock photographer Coca Dai. “With photography you literally hold your fate in your own hands, and that is very satisfying.” that's Shanghai, February 2007

"Noodle" Maker Wins At Channel V Awards : Beijing musician Xiao Fei found the recipe for success at Channel V's 13th annual Chinese Music Awards ceremony in Shanghai on Jan. 26, winning the inaugural Wireless Original Music Award for his novelty song "Instant Noodle." Billboard, 31 January 2007

Wu Jia King of the scrap heap: Gua’er, the underground heart and soul of Shanghaiís rock scene, shuts down: A rock concert is inherently cooler if you have to navigate your way through a scrap metal heap to get there. It puts death metal in a whole new glint. Nestled in the rubble was Gua’er (挂二˛), SUS2 in English, long the underground heart and soul of Shanghai’s rock scene. This performance space and home to the Gua’er Music School has nurtured a new generation of Shanghai bands under the tutelage of its owner Jia Wu (贾无), aka Lao Jia that's Shanghai, January 2007

Shanghai Mode's opening show Shanghai Lingerie Ramps Up in Size: In its sophomore installment last month, the number of exhibitors at the Shanghai Mode Lingerie Fair increased 91 percent — to 145 from 21 countries — and doubled exhibition space to 4,500 square meters. Women's Wear Daily, 26 December 2006

At Intertextile Shanghai 2006 Intertextile Apparel Fair Grows With International Flavor: The Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics Fair continued to expand in size and diversified the mix of domestic and international participation in its 12th year. Women's Wear Daily, 26 December 2006

Indies Cut Through Shanghai Red Tape: It may no longer be "Red China," but for the burgeoning indie label scene in the business heart of the People's Republic, it's still the land of red tape. With a population of 20 million and a vibrant, energetic buzz, the eastern Chinese coastal city of Shanghai is a hotbed of musical activity, home to almost a hundred "alternative" bands, a growing live scene and more than a dozen recording studios. Billboard, 16 December 2006

Dragon Tiger Panacea New Pants, Dragon Tiger Panacea (Modern Sky): The synthesizer is not dead. And Beijing trio New Pants (aka Xin Kuzi)are helping to keep it alive. This is an enthusiastic tribute to the golden era of Hong Kong's kung fu films. South China Morning Post, 2 December 2006

photography of Han Bing Bittersweet: Han Bing’s meditations on the humble cabbage: "For the old, the young, the rich, the poor, the white collars, the workers, it’s universal: all of them have a relationship with cabbage," declared performance and photographic artist Han Bing (韩冰). "Some have a closer relationship than others but the nouveau riche were once poor too. All of us Chinese have eaten bitter cabbage." that's Shanghai, December 2006

Tadi, Pangpang and Lao Yao of Soma A label unplugged: Soma’s passionate approach to music marketing: “As you know, making music necessitates losing money,” chuckled Lao Yao (老妖), when asked whether Soma, the independent record label he formed in 2003, had recouped its initial investment. that's Shanghai, December 2006

Material World: The works of artist Liu Jianhua poke fun at the wealthy New China. In a mostly lackluster 2006 Shanghai Biennale, Liu Jianhua's Yiwu Investigation ranked among the standouts. Addressing American worries about a flood of cheap goods from China, the installation consisted of a pile of brightly colored plastic objects, many of them flashing and whizzing spastically, spilling out of a shipping container. WWD Scoop, November 2006

Walking the Cabbage in Lisa's Flat All you knead is loaf, say Cabbage patch kids: Han Bing and Tatsumi Orimoto provide food for thought in shows celebrating creativity in China and Japan. South China Morning Post, 12 November 2006

The World of Calvin Klein The World of Calvin Klein Visits China: Calvin Klein last week took its show on the road to China, already one of the company's most important markets and growing fast. Women's Wear Daily, 9 November 2006

1234 Beach Rock New wave: Or, down for the count: September’s 1234 Beach Rock Music Festival illustrated that it’s hard to float a rock festival in this town. But that doesn’t stop people from trying. that's Shanghai, November 2006

Donatella Versace in the Forbidden City Donatella Does Beijing: "Just coming and seeing everything was the best part, getting to see the cities and how they are so ancient but also very modern, so there is a contrast," remarked Donatella Versace regarding her inaugural trip to China this week. "People here are very curious, and want to see you, touch you. They don't trust something or someone until they've talked to you, but once you've established that personal contact, they are very warm." Women's Wear Daily, 23 October 2006

Jay-Z's China Concerts May Go Ahead : Despite press reports, rapper Jay-Z's Shanghai concert is "not necessarily canceled," according to the event's promoter, Emma Entertainment. Billboard, 13 October 2006

The Dolce & Gabbana Martini Bar in Shanghai Dolce & Gabbana Pushes China Expansion: Dolce & Gabbana is the latest designer brand eager to ride the business boom in this city on the banks of the Huangpu. The Italian fashion house has opened its third store in mainland China, on the Bund here. Women's Wear Daily, 6 October 2006

Fei Qiang The Day the Music Died: Fei Qiang looks back on local music history: Not many people know that the recently demolished Canidrome was also once a performance venue called Cultural Square (文化广场) and was the site of Shanghai’s first rock concert. that's Shanghai, October 2006

Bulgari expands in Shanghai Bulgari Continues Expanding in China: Bulgari opened its fourth store in China here earlier this month, focusing on its new format of twin stores that offer its core jewelry products on one side and its accessories on the other. Located in Plaza 66, the Shanghai store is an expansion of a shop opened in September 2003 and mirrors units opened in Japan in November and in Washington, D.C., in June. Women's Wear Daily, 29 September 2006

Valentino exhibition in Beijing Valentino Unveils Women's for Mainland China: Having cleared the market of copyists, and attracted by rising income levels in China, Valentino is at last ready to roll out its women’s collections on the Mainland. Valentino executives visited here a few weeks ago to launch Valentino Women and take part in the opening of the “Italian Art & Italian Life” exhibition at the National Art Museum of China. Women's Wear Daily, 26 September 2006

Blue Garden Almost Famous: Blue Garden’s silver screen debut: “We don’t know if this will make us famous. Okay, it probably won’t,” admits Lu Lan (陆兰), singer of Blue Garden (蓝色花园). Formed in 2001, the band members recently appeared in the film 601st Phone Call (第601电话) directed by Zhang Guoli (张国立). that's Shanghai, September 2006
(More details at Point Music's website.)

Musical rampage: “This will be the first international compilation of Shanghainese rock,” observes Muramatsu Shigeru (村松茂), the mastermind behind Compozilla's Shanghai Rock: Volume 1 – featuring eighteen songs from nine Shanghai bands. that's Shanghai, August 2006

Dolce & Gabbana's Long-Term China Plan: Dolce & Gabbana, the latest designer brand to discover the possibilities of China, is being patient about expansion there. "For our brands, China is more an opportunity than a threat," Domenico Dolce said. Women's Wear Daily, 17 July 2006

Xiangyang Market shop Shanghai Counterfeit Haven Closed: The infamous Xiangyang Fashion and Gifts Market here has finally closed. The market, which primarily dealt in counterfeit branded handbags, wallets, apparel, sunglasses and other accessories, ceased business at 9:30 p.m. on June 30. Women's Wear Daily, 17 July 2006

Sonnet Shape Shifters: The evolving sounds of Shanghai band Sonnet 十四行诗. that's Shanghai, July 2006
(Visit the band's website for more information, images and music.)

Peng Xiaolian on the set of 'Shanghai Story' Old Shanghai Made New: "Shanghai Rumba," the new movie by director Peng Xiaolian, departs from the typical cinematic depiction of go-go Old Shanghai. While many films revisit "Paris of the East, Whore of the Orient" clichés about the city -- think bankers, gangsters and courtesans -- Ms. Peng hones in on the city's thriving but struggling artistic scene, spinning a love story amid social chaos. It's a typically inventive story line from the independent director, who is as unusual as her films. The Asian Wall Street Journal, 23-25 June, 2006
Original, longer version
Published version
旧上海 新诠释 : 中国导演彭小莲的新作《上海伦巴》没有沿袭以往表现旧上海风貌影片的路子,去描绘那些“东方巴黎”式的风情──银行家、黑社会、交际花你方唱罢我登场的花团锦簇,而是深入到这座城市方兴未艾却又在苦苦挣扎的艺术家团体中,精心描绘了一场社会大动荡背景下曲折委婉的爱情故事。这往往是彭小莲这类独立导演们颇具创造力的选题思路。 华尔街日报, 2006年06月23日

Beauty advertising in Xujiahui Global Warming: China: The beauty industry continues to boom in China, as lower-income areas become increasingly urbanized. Enter almost any department store in China, and the first thing you will see are the cosmetics counters. WWDBeautyBiz, 31 May 2006

Tom Doctoroff, JWT China CEO Decoding China's Luxury Market: According to Tom Doctoroff, luxury apparel brands are approaching the China market all wrong. "Every luxury good festoons Huaihai Boulevard with white ice goddesses on their billboards," he observed. Women's Wear Daily, 16 May 2006

Lacoste's Sandra Hu Lacoste Gaining Popularity As China Embraces Casual: Dressy-casual remains a novelty in China, where flaunting status, however meager, is de rigueur and even construction workers wear suit jackets on the job, complete with labels still on the sleeves. Women's Wear Daily, 3 May 2006

Paul Smith at Beijing's China Club Sir Paul Smith Eyes China Expansion: "It will not be your typical fashion show," Sir Paul Smith promised before his show and party at the gallery 798 Space here. The designer's three-day visit earlier this month was his third time in Mainland China, although his first public trip. Women's Wear Daily, 24 April 2006

Jakarta's National Monument Jakarta, Indonesia: The teeming, sprawling metropolis of Jakarta is known as the Big Durian. Like its pungent regional fruit, the city is an acquired taste, an initially daunting but gradually addictive juxtaposition of slums and skyscrapers, congested freeways and cozy neighborhoods, international aspirations and local Javanese charm. WWD Fast, 18 April 2006

Outside the Beijing Exhibition Center Chinese Mills Set Sights on Europe, North America: Exhibitors at the sixth annual Intertextile Beijing trade show said they saw increased global diversity among potential buyers coming through their booths and benefited from the overlap of several other industry-related shows around the city. Women's Wear Daily, 11 April 2006

A piece in the Armani Retrospective Armani Returns to Shanghai: Giorgio Armani is becoming a Shanghai regular. After visiting the city two years ago to launch his flagship store at Three on the Bund, the designer returned last weekend for the Shanghai opening of "Giorgio Armani: Retrospective" at the Shanghai Art Museum. Women's Wear Daily, 5 April 2006

The Grand Gateway shopping center, with seven floors of shops In Retail Development, Supply Isn't Always Meeting Demand: Brands from around the world are hungry to enter the world's most populous country and establish stores as the Chinese consumer economy continues to mature. Retail development, however, is fragmented and not always up to meeting the needs of Western brands or investors. Women's Wear Daily, 21 March 2006


Still More Shanghai Walks
2011:03 Still More Shanghai Walks co-written by Lisa Movius with Tess Johnston, Wlm Patrick Cranley, Duncan Hewitt, William Savadove and Sue Anne Tay, is now out. Lisa's chapter, "Culture and Cafes in the Former French Concession", walks readers through the rich theater, film and arts history of the neighborhoods around Huashan, Anfu, Wuyuan and Wukang Lus. It is available for sale at the Old China Hand Reading Room on Shaoxing Lu, the Deke Erh Art Center in Tianzifang (Taikang Lu), and (of course) on Taobao.
* "Get out your walking boots for a tailor-made guide with Tess Johnston and crew," writes Aelred Doyle in the March 2011 That's Shanghai. "The authors have also provided superb photos of the city, whether it’s daily street life or eye catching buildings and surprising facades. It’s a treat, with fold-out maps, clear directions, tips for getting past guards and suggestions of places to stop and take a break. There’s also plenty of room for digression and brief histories of famous residents such as JG Ballard or actress Bai Yang."
* "There’s some great areas of the city featured here and some all of the contributors are old friends of China Rhyming," writes Paul French in his blog on 15 March 2011. "Lisa Movius, a journalist who has done much to chronicle the city’s music and artistic community...looks at an area of Frenchtown life, especially around Anfu Road (Route Dupleix), and the Chinese artists and writers that congragted in that area."
* "The third installment in the Shanghai Walks series spearheaded by Shanghai history guru Tess Johnston...offers up six walks packed full of historical information and detailed maps ready to turn idle strolls into trips back in time," writes Tom Mangione in the 7 April 2011 Global Times. "Movius' walk is notable for the in-depth research about all the characters that once stalked the areas we walked through...Sites such as the Shanghai Theater Academy gain extraordinary depth as thoughts of performers from the past mingle with the sights of those of today."

2011:02 Shanghai 24/7 interviews Lisa about the new Mao and its role in the Shanghai scene: "What can you say about Mao? Well quite a lot actually, Shanghai 24/7 visits Mao for it's last night before it heads to a new space. We also find time to catch up with Lisa Movius to ask a few questions."

2011:01 Jamie Barys' 2011 cover feature of Shanghai Talk 2011 Trend Hunting includes Lisa Movius' thoughts on arts and fashion for the year to come.

2010:09 Lisa Movius' latest piece for the WSJ about Chinese dating culture is discussed on Jezebel.

Lisa Movius and Steven Weathers 2010:01 Lisa Movius poses for the cover of City Weekend "Turning Shanghainese" feature.

2009:12 Artist and journalist Chris Gill ranks "State of the Art", by Lisa Movius, as the best China art writing of 2009.

Along with the yellowface film, the Chanel collection included many questionable stereotypes. Here: fisherman meets pirate in a Vietnamese/coolie hat. 2009:12 Movius' swan song for WWD, an interview with Karl Lagerfeld in which he defended his use of yellowface as a tribute to old, racist films, has been widely re-quoted on the Internet. One of the best analysis of Lagerfeld's Orientalist remarks is at Racialicious.

2009:12 Lisa Movius has stepped down from the position of WWD's Shanghai correspondent and bureau chief after five and a half years to return to broader freelancing and to work on her forthcoming book. She is now available for commissions of articles on the arts, social issues, apparel and textiles, and general business in China. She is also available for art critism writing, for corporate consulting, and to provide guided tours of Shanghai.

2009:07 Lisa Movius was interviewed for "Expert Opinions: Best Pieces in Shanghai Museums", a sidebar to "Shanghai's Secret Museums", in the July 23-August 5 edition of City Weekend.

2008:08 Lisa Movius featured as "The Local Girl" in City Weekend's "Day in the Life" column, issue of July 31-August 13.

2006:12 Huilonghui in 安家 Anjia article Art Deco Living

2006:08 Lisa Movius on the cover of Totally Shanghai
Art Deco Living: Unline others who rennovate their old lane houses into modern living spaces, Movius is carefully trying not to change the structure of the place and kieeping it as close as possible to the original.

2006:07 Lisa's photos of Kashgar featured in K.K. Fung's short video about the Sunday Market.

2006:07 Lisa is now on Flikr, with thousands of images from around the world.

2006:06 Huilonghui the site of Han Bing's "Walking the Cabbage in Old Shanghai"

2006:05 Huilonghui written up in Shanghai Daily
Art deco touch feels right at home: While native Shanghainese are eager to buy new apartments with exceptional views, larger space and high-quality fit-outs with on-site facilities, increasingly, many expats are being tempted by the romance of living in traditional lane houses. Lisa Movius is one such expat who sought such a home - a place where she could live, relax and create a refuge from the daily grind. Article by Yang Di, Shanghai Daily, 24 May 2006.

2006:03 Lisa Movius profiled in Home & Office

Art Deco Queen: Lisa Movius' house is packed with 1930s-era flotsam salvaged from the streets. Abandoned chairs, puppets, hats and film posters - for Movius these aren't trash, but treasures. Article by Mandy Herrick, photos by Wu Jianxin, Home & Office, Spring 2006.

Goodbye Fritz!
2005: 08 Goodbye, Fritz!
A heart-broken farewell to the fabulous and much beloved Fritz, a great cat, a great friend, and an all-around great character. He will be much missed by the many hundreds who rubbed his fat fluffy white belly. Fritz loved cucumbers, attention and people, and was a mellow, cowardly diva with an appetite for life and for food. He had previously survived a fall from the sixteenth story of his old home, getting lost several times, and two bouts FlUTD (Feline Urinary Tract Disorder, urinary tract stones caused by Whiskas cat food). He died late August 2005 from a totally treatable resurgence of the FlUTD while Lisa was in South America. He was six and a half years old.

2005:05 Lisa Movius and Fritz
included in Hu Yang's "Shanghai Families" exhibition at ShanghArt. (The blurb is, shall we say, something of a creative reinterpretation.)

New links:

  • Cold Fairyland: One of Shanghai's best bands, with a totally unique sound, has a newish (ie not the one put on the links page four years ago) site, with a brand new design and an English section coming soon (so they say).
  • ***A Short History of Shanghai Rock (1989-2004): Just wow! This (Chinese language) posting has the most extensive delineation of Shanghai's rock-story and bands I've ever seen. I'm not sure who posted it, but I am very humbled. Great resource.

    Lisa Movius' Wanping Lu flat and Art Deco furniture collection is featured in the November 2004 issue of Concierge, a Shanghai-based Japanese-language magazine.

    Check out Time Out Shanghai, with a chapter on Shanghai's music scene by Lisa Movius.

    On the random international front, Lisa Movius' "Shanghai Spring" in Art in America was reprinted in Vietnamese, and "Generation Whatever" in the Asian Wall Street Journal was cited in a Thai article about Chinese youth culture.

    Answer all your Shanghai questions with Insight Guide Shanghai, an exhaustive, well-informed exploration of the city, with chapters on nightlife and festivals from Lisa Movius.

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